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Bern, Schweiz

January 10-16, 2010
Ice Cream Short Course
University Park, Pennsylvania, USA

January 17-20, 2010
Dairy Forum, International Dairy Foods Association
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

January 21-22, 2010
Traceability Interoperability Summit 2010
Denver, Colorado, USA

January 25-27, 2010
Rapid Methods 2010
Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands

January 25-28, 2010
International Food, Agriculture and affiliated Industries Exhibition (Kish Agro-Food) Trade Show
Kish Island Hormozgan, Iran

January 28-30, 2010
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

January 30-31, 2010
Ice Cream 101
University Park, Pennsylvania, USA

January 31 - February 3, 2010
ISM – world’s biggest confectionery trade fair
Cologne, Germany


February 1-4, 2010
Pinot Noir 2010
Wellington, New Zealand

February 1-4, 2010
International Conference on: Food Security and Climate Change in Dry Areas
Amman, Jordan

February 3-5, 2010
CIES International Food Safety Conference 2010
Washington, DC, USA

February 3-5, 2010
ICC-Cereal Science and Technology-SA International Symposium
Quality and Safety of Grain Crops and Foods
Pretoria, South Africa

February 4-5, 2010
Vienna, Austria

February 9-10, 2010
ICBFS 2010 - The 2010 International Conference on Biotechnology and Food Science
Bangalore, India

February 16-17, 2010
Auditing Your Food Safety Programme Workshop Auckland, New Zealand

February 16-18, 2010
International Ice Cream Technology Course
Cork, Ireland

February 21-26, 2010
4th Asia Pacific Nutrigenomics conference: Genes, diet gut health
Auckland, New Zealand

February 22-24, 2010
Lactose Intolerance and Health Conference
Bethesda, Maryland, USA

February 26-27, 2010
International Conference on Biotechnology, Food and Bioengineering
Thanjavur, India


March 1-2, 2010
Dairy Focus Asia
Bangkok, Thailand

March 2-4, 2010
Food Security in the Arab Countries: New Challenges and Opportunities in the Context of Price Volatility
Muscat, Muscat, Oman

March 9-11, 2010
Sino-Pack 2010 / China Drinktec 2010
Guangzhou, China

March 9-11, 2010
US Ireland Functional Foods Conference 2010
Cork, Ireland

March 10-11, 2010
Ice Cream Technology Conference
St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

March 10-11, 2010
Nutracon Health and Nutrition Conference
Anaheim, California, USA

March 15-17, 2010
International Boston Seafood Show Trade Show
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

March 15-17, 2010
2nd TNO Beneficial Microbes Conference
Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands

March 15-19, 2010
Approved Persons Course for Thermal Processing of Low-Acid Foods
Werribee, Victoria, Australia

March 17-19, 2010
Molds & Mycotoxins in Food, Feed, and the Environment Short Course
Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

March 21-23, 2010
ProWein – The World of Wines and Spirits
Düsseldorf, Germany

March 21-23, 2010
Eurofoodwater 2010 - 6th Conference on Water in Food
Reims, France

March 21-24, 2010
5th IDF International Conference on Mastitis
Christchurch, New Zealand

March 21-24, 2010 Food Colloids 2010: On the Road from Interfaces to Consumers Granada, Spain

March 22-24, 2010
The Second International Chester Food Science and Technology meeting (ICFST)
Chester, UK

March 23-26, 2010
2010 Food Safety Education Conference, Advancements in Food Safety: Trends, Tools and Technologies
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

March 24-25, 2010
Wellness 10 Chicago, Illinois, USA

March 25-26, 2010
Nanotechnologies for food and consumer products
Chester, UK


April 9-11, 2010
Managing Agri-Food Supply Chain
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

April 9-14, 2010
Conference for Food Protection
Providence, Rhode Island, USA

April 14-15, 2010
Dairy Sustainability Symposium
Chicago, Illinois, USA

April 20-21, 2010
The 9th Annual Food Safety Summit
Auckland, New Zealand or

April 22-24, 2010
Wine & Gourmet Japan
Tokyo, Japan

April 26-30, 2010
5th International Food Legumes Research Conference (IFLRC V)
Antalya, Turkey

April 27-29, 2010
Fourth Global Dairy Congress
Salzburg, Austria

April 27, 28 or 29, 2010
Water Activity Seminar series
Christchurch, Palmerston North, Auckland, New Zealand OR phone 03 9622960


May 3-6, 2010
Third International Symposium on Loquat
Antakya, Turkey

May 6-7, 2010
World Milk Cultures
Paris, France

May 9-12, 2010
6th Food Allergen Methodologies Conference
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

May 13-15, 2010
6th China International Foodstuff Exposition
Guangzhou, China

May 17-21, 2010
IDF/ISO Analytical Week
Montreal, Canada

May 18-20, 2010
NZ Ice Cream Manufacturers Assn (NZICMA) Annual Conference
Tauranga, New Zealand

May 18-20, 2010
Food Ingredients Central and Eastern Europe
Warsaw, Poland

May 18-20, 2010
1st Kiel Food Science Symposium
Kiel, Germany

May 19-20, 2010
ConTechPlus (confectionery technical conference)
Albert Park, Victoria, Australia

May 23-26, 2010
2010 Food Safety Education Conference
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

May 23-27, 2010
Practical Short Course: Trends in Margarine and Shortening Manufacture
College Station, Texas, USA

May 24-26, 2010
Milk and Cultured Dairy Product Symposium
Rosemont, Illinois, USA

May 26-28, 2010
International Conference on Agricultural and Food Engineering, ICAFE 2010
Tokyo, Japan

May 30 – June 1, 2010 2010 CIFST / AAFC Conference - Safe and Healthy Food: Harvesting the Science
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

June 1-4, 2010
3rd International Symposium on Propionibacteria and Bifidobacteria: Dairy and Probiotic Applications
Oviedo, Spain

June 7-9, 2010
Fungi in food and beverages: new research on spoilage, mycotoxins and prevention
International Commission on Food Mycology (ICFM)
Freising, Germany

June 7-11, 2010
Microstructure of Dairy Products
Symposium on Science and Technology of Fermented Milk
Tromsø, Norway

June 8, 2010
IGC Grains Conference 2010
London, UK

June 8-10, 2010
2nd International MoniQA Conference
Krakow, Poland

June 8-10, 2010
Food Ingredients South America
Sao Paulo, Brazil

June 8-11, 2010
NutraSource Research 9th Vahouny Dietary Fiber Symposium
Bethesda, Maryland, USA

June 8-11, 2010
2nd International Symposium on Gluten-Free Cereal Products and Beverages
Tampere, Finland

June 9-11, 2010
IAFP's Sixth European Symposium on Food Safety
Dublin, Ireland

June 13-15, 2010
Fine Food New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand

June 13-17, 2010
17th CIGR World Congress - Sustainable Biosystems through Engineering
Québec, Canada

June 15-17, 2010
International Probiotic Conference 2010
Kosice, Slovakia

June 16-18, 2010
Korean Society of Food Science and Technology annual meeting
Inchon, Korea

June 17-18, 2010
Food Innovation Asia Conference 2010: Indigenous Food Research and Development to Global Market
Bangkok, Thailand

June 19-23, 2010 Reciprocal Meat Conference
Lubbock, Texas, USA

June 20-24, 2010
10th International Hydrocolloids Conference
Shanghai, China

June 21-29, 2010
Food and Agri Business Management Program
Ithaca, NY, USA

June 23-25, 2010
NZIFST Annual Conference: Innovation - Prosperity
Auckland, New Zealand

June 30 - July 2, 2010
Food Factory 2010, 5th International Conference on the Food Factory for the Future
Gothenburg, Sweden


July 5-7, 2010
Food Oral Processing — Physics, Physiology and Psychology of Eating
Leeds, UK

July 11-15, 2010
American Dairy Science Association
Denver, Colorado, USA

July 17-20, 2010
Institute of Food Technologists
Chicago, Illinois, USA

July 25-27, 2010
AIFST 43rd Annual Convention
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

July 25-28, 2010
10th Sensometrics — Past, Present, Future
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

July 25-30, 2010
3rd International Symposium on Tomato Diseases
Naples, Italy


August 1-4, 2010
International Association for Food Protection
Anaheim, California, USA

August 8-13, 2010
56th ICoMST
Jeju, Korea

August 11-13, 2010
International Conference on Nutrition and Food Sciences, ICNFS 2010
Stockholm, Sweden

August 18-19, 2010
5th Innovative Foods Conference: Higher Valued Foods (FIESTA 2010)
Melbourne, Australia

August 22-26, 2010
IUFoST World Congress
Cape Town, South Africa

August 22-27, 2010
28th International Horticultural Congress, IHC2010
Lisbon, Portugal

August 23-27, 2010
17th Australian HACCP Conference and 5th SQF International Conference
Melbourne, Australia

August 25-27, 2010
International Conference on Biotechnology and Food Engineering, ICBFE 2010

August 26-27, 2010
ICC Symposium
Cape Town, South Africa

August 30-31, 2010
Successful Development of Healthy Foods: Seamless integration of fundamental science and application technology

August 30 - September 3, 2010
22nd ICFMH Symposium - Food Micro 2010
Copenhagen, Denmark


September 1-3, 2010
4th European Oat Conference
Ystad, Sweden

September 5-8, 2010
4th European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research Vitoria, Spain

September 5-9, 2010
11th International Symposium of Properties of Water (ISOPOW)
Queretaro, Mexico

September 7-9, 2010
3rd Australian Food Safety Conference "Food Safety Regulation - From Red Tape to Real Value"
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ads/FINAL-claimer_finished.pdf

September 8-10, 2010
First European PhD Conference in Food Science and Technology
Berlin, Germany

September 14-18, 2010
14th International Biotechnology Symposium and Exhibition
Rimini, Italy


October 11-15, 2010
2010 ISNFF Annual Conference
Bali, Indonesia

October 12-14, 2010
Auckland, New Zealand

October 15–16, 2010
Food Science, Engineering And Technologies
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

October 17-20, 2010
30th Food Microbiology Symposium
Current Concepts in Foodborne Pathogens and Rapid and Automated Methods in Food Microbiology
University of Wisconsin-River Falls, USA

October 18-22, 2010
Approved Persons Course for Thermal Processing of Low-Acid Foods
Werribee, Victoria, Australia  

October 19-21, 2010
FoodTechPackTech and MU Food Awards
Auckland, New Zealand

October 20-22, 2010
7th International Symposium on Milk Genomics & Human Health
Davis, California, USA

October 25-29, 2010
First International Conference on Food Innovation 2010 (foodInnova2010)
Valencia, Spain

October 25-29, 2010
Advanced Food Analysis
Wageningen, The Netherlands
First Announcement

October 31 - November 1, 2010
Neutrons and Food
Sydney, Australia


November 3-6, 2010
1st International Congress on Food Technology
Antalya, Turkey

November 4-11, 2010
IDF World Dairy Summit
Auckland, New Zealand

November 6-10, 2010
International Seafood and Health Conference and Exhibition
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

November 8-10, 2010
2nd Latin-American ICC Cereals Conference
Santiago de Chile

November 10-12, 2010 2010
EFFoST Annual Meeting, Food Health & Safety
Dublin, Ireland

November 11-14, 2010
Food Safety and Security: Science and Policy
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

November 16, 2010
10th Annual Functional Foods Symposium - "Brains, Bounce & Baby Boomers"
Auckland, New Zealand

November 26-28, 2010
Everything Organic and Natural
Chennai, India


December 6-8, 2010
The Nutrition Society of New Zealand Annual Conference 2010 - "Integrated Nutrition: From Cells to Sales" Wellington, New Zealand

December 7-9, 2010
International Conference on Innovations in Food and Bio-Process Technology (IFBT'2010)
Pathumthani, Thailand

December 11, 2010
International Association for Food Protection Annual Meeting, IAFP 2010
Anaheim, California, USA

December 13-14, 2010
British Society of Rheology
Food, pharma, health care and biological systems
University of Nottingham, UK

December 29-31, 2010
International Conference on Food Engineering and Biotechnology, ICFEB 2010
Thailand, Bangkok

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