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Tromsø, Norge

January 25-26, 2012
Food Manufacturing and Safety Forum
Dallas, Texas, USA

January 29-February 1, 2012
ProSweets Cologne
Cologne, Germany


February 8-9, 2012
Dairy Focus Asia
Bangkok, Thailand

February 8-9, 2012
NZ OZ Sensory and Consumer Science Symposium
Barossa Valley, South Australia, Australia

February 9-11, 2012
─░stanbul Health and Nutrition Biennial
─░stanbul, Turkey

February 14-15, 2012
1st Biotechnology World Congress
Dubai, UAE

February 16-18, 2012
International Conference on Environmental Security for Food and Health
Cape Comarin, Tamil Nadu, India

February 21–23, 2012
Dubai International Food Safety Conference
Dubai, UAE

February 21-23, 2012
International Scientific Conference on Bacteriocins and Antimicrobial Peptides - BAM2012
Košice, Slovakia

February 27-29, 2012
Food Science & Innovation Conference
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico


March 7-9, 2012
Food structures, digestion & health
Palmerston North, New Zealand

March 9-10, 2012
7th Annual Food Safety Summit
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

March 12-13, 2012
2nd Annual International Conference on Advances in Biotechnology (BioTech 2012)
Bangkok, Thailand

March 15-17, 2012
7th Nutra India Summit
Bangalore, India

March 19, 2012
Health benefits of polyphenol-rich foods and beverages: latest science
Adelaide, South Australia

March 19-23, 2012
Approved Persons Course for Thermal Processing of Low-Acid Foods
Werribee, Victoria, Australia

March 20-23, 2012
Regional Conference on Domestic Milk Supply and Demand Systems: Lessons from Experience
Seoul, Korea

March 22-24, 2012
Retail Meat New Zealand Conference
Wellington, New Zealand

March 26-30, 2012
Biotech Fruit 2012 - The second International Symposium on Biotechnology of Fruit Species
Nelson, New Zealand

March 27-30, 2012
Anuga FoodTec
Cologne, Germany

March 28-29, 2012
Annual Food Safety Summit
Auckland, New Zealand

March 28-29, 2012
Wellness 12
Chicago, Illinois, USA


April 2-4, 2012
International Conference on Food Science and Nutrition 2012
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

April 2-4, 2012
Conference on Food Engineering
Leesburg, Virginia, USA

April 10-13, 2012
Techlac Dairy Technology
Brasil Alimenta
Gonçalves City, Brazil

April 10-13, 2012
International Symposium on Food Rheology and Structure
Zürich, Switzerland

April 11-13, 2012
International Conference on Food Safety, Quality and Nutrition (ICFSQN)
Manchester, UK

April 16-18, 2012
Food Colloids 2012 - Creation and Breakdown of Structure
Copenhagen, Denmark

April 16-19, 2012
6th Food Protein Course
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

April 22-24, 2012
Food Hydrocolloid Conference
Valencia, Spain

April 24-26, 2012
6th Global Dairy Congress
Oslo, Norway

April 26-May 3, 2012
Tasting Australia
Adelaide, South Australia


May 2, 2012,
Performance Food & Drink: Enhancing Physical and Mental Function
Leatherhead, UK

May 7-9, 2012
5th International Dietary Fibre Conference
Rome, Italy

May 9-11, 2012
IAL Chia 2012 The Asian Food Marketplace
Shanghai, China

May 9-12, 2012
19th European Congress on Obesity (ECO 2012)
Lyon, France

May 14-17, 2012
11th International Hydrocolloids Conference Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research, Purdue University
West Lafayette, Indiana, USA

May 15-18, 2012
Barcelona Food Technology and Hispack, International Packaging Exhibition 2012
Barcelona, Spain

May 18-20, 2012
IAFP European Symposium on Food Safety
Warsaw, Poland

May 20-24, 2012
IDF International Symposium on Cheese Ripening and Technology
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

May 21-23, 2012
IAFP European Symposium on Food Safety
Warsaw, Poland

May 23-27, 2012
THAIFEX – World of Food Asia
Bangkok, Thailand

May 24-25, 2012
Stevia Tasteful 2012. Food & Beverage Formulation: The Subtle Balance
Paris, France

May 25-27, 2012
The Food Show
Wellington, New Zealand

May 27-29, 2012
50th CIFST National Conference
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

June 4-6, 2012
19th IMS World Meat Congress
Paris, France

une 15-17, 2012
2012 International Conference of Agricultural Engineering and Food Engineering
Harbin, China

June 19-20, 2012
Food Safety Management
Chipping Campden, UK

June 19-21, 2012
5th International Symposium on Spray Dried Dairy Products
St. Malo, France

June 25-29, 2012
IFT Annual Meeting
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

June 26-28, 2012
NZIFST Annual Meeting
Hamilton, New Zealand


July 1-5, 2012
Food Oral Processing Symposium
Beaune, France

July 8-12, 2012
International Conference of Agricultural Engineering
Valencia, Spain

July 10, 2012
A Harvest of Irish Food
Dublin, Ireland

July 15-18, 2012
45th Annual AIFST Convention. Reaping the Rewards
Adelaide, SA, Australia

July 15-19, 2012
American Dairy Science Association
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

July 22-25, 2012
International Association for Food Protection
Providence, Rhode Island, USA


August 3-5, 2012
Montreal 2012 International Nutrition Conference
Montreal, Canada

August 5-9, 2012
IUFoST 16th World Congress: Addressing Global Food Security and Wellness Through Food Science and Technology
Iguazu Falls City, Brazil

August 6-9, 2012
14th ICC Cereal and Bread Congress
Beijing, China

August 27-29, 2012
International Conference and Exhibition on Nutritional Science & Therapy
Philadelphia, PA, USA


September 3-7, 2012
Foodmicro 2012
Istanbul, Turkey

September 5-8, 2012
16th International Congress of Dietetics
Sydney, NSW, Australia

September 6-8, 2012
Vitafoods Asia 2012
Hong Kong

September 9-12, 2012
5th European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research
Bern, Switzerland

September 11-13, 2012
International FoodTec India
Mumbai, India

September 13, 2012
Innovations in Salt Reduction
Leatherhead, Surrey, UK

September 13, 2012
Impact of Novel Technologies on Shelf-Life of Food
London, UK

September 14-16, 2012
The Food Show
Christchurch New Zealand

September 16-20, 2012
12th International Symposium on Biosafety of Genetically Modified Organisms (ISBGMO)
St Louis, Missouri, USA

September 18-20, 2012

Food Ingredients South America
São Paulo, Brazil

September 23-26, 2012
10th Euro Fed Lipid Congress
Cracow, Poland

September 25-27, 2012
Foodtech Packtech 2012
Auckland, New Zealand

September 30-October 3, 2012
126th AOAC Annual Meeting & Exposition
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


October 10-12, 2012
V. International Symposium on Sourdough - Cereal Fermentation for Future Foods
Helsinki, Finland

October 16, 2012
Innovations in Ingredients – A Technical Perspective
Leatherhead, Surrey, UK

October 16-17, 2012
International Nonthermal Food Processing Workshop – FIESTA 2012
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

October 18, 2012
Taste Trends 2012 - Ideas and Inspiration for NPD
Leatherhead, UK

October 23-25, 2012
Global Food Safety Conference and Workshops
Dublin, Ireland

October 24-25, 2012
The Business of High Margin Food
Auckland, New Zealand

October 29 – November 2, 2012
Approved Persons Course for Thermal Processing of Low-Acid Foods
Werribee, Victoria, Australia

October 31. 2012
Napier, New Zealand


November 1-2, 2012
New Zealand Aquaculture Conference
Nelson, New Zealand

November 3-9, 2012
IDF World Dairy Summit
Cape Town, South Africa

November 5-8, 2012
ISC 2012 — Indonesia Sugar Congress 2012
Jakarta, Indonesia

November 5-9, 2012
7th Conference of the World Mycotoxin Forum® and XIIIth IUPAC International Symposium on Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

November 14-16, 2012
Food Packaging Scientific Developments supporting Safety and Innovation
Berlin, Germany

November 15-16, 2012
Feeding the World, Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa

November 16, 2012
4th Annual Asia Pacific Food Tech: Innovation and Safety Conference

November 19-21, 2012
International Conference and Exhibition on Probiotics-2012
San Antonio, Texas, United States

November 20-23, 2012
EFFoST Annual Meeting
Montpellier, France

November 22-23, 2012
Nutrition Society of New Zealand Conference: Frontiers in Nutrition
Auckland, New Zealand

November 22-24, 2012
International Conference and Exhibition on Food Processing and Technology
Hyderabad, India

November 25-28, 2012
7th CIGR International Technical Symposium:Innovating the Food Value Chain
2nd International Conference on Postharvest Technology & Quality Management: Recent Advances in Postharvest Technology & Agri-Food Processing
Stellenbosch, South Africa


December 2-6, 2012
Functional Foods, Nutraceuticals, Natural Health Products and Dietary Supplenents
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

December 3-5, 2012
Symposium on Gut Health in Production of Food Animals
College Station, Texas, USA

December 12-13, 2012
Food Regulatory & Safety Summit
New Delhi, India

December 13-15, 2012
International Science, Technology and Engineering Conference
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