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February 3-5, 2019
13th NZOZ Sensory & Consumer Science Symposium
Dunedin, New Zealand

February 11-12, 2019
The Focus on Fibre & Food Monitoring Symposium
Dunedin, New Zealand

February 18-19, 2019
12th World Congress on Food Chemistry and Food Microbiology
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

February 24-27, 2019
3rd Annual Food Safety and Microbiology Conference
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

February 25-26 2019
23rd Edition of International Conference on Advances in Food & Nutrition Research
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

February 26-28, 2019
21st Dairy Ingredients Symposium
Santa Barbara, California, USA

February 28 - March 2, 2019
22nd Euro-Global Summit on Food & Beverages
London, United Kingdom


March 20-21, 2019
Food Safety and Compliance Conference
Auckland, New Zealand

March 20-21, 2019
2nd International Conference on Food Processing and Technology
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

March 25-27, 2019
Clean Label Conference
Itasca, Illinois, USA

March 27, 2019
Food and Fibre Innovation conference: Collaboration towards innovation
Wellington, New Zealand

March 28-30, 2019
Food & Society
Paris, France

May 28–31, 2019
36th ADSA DISCOVER Conference
Lipids in Dairy Nutrition: From Feed to Milk Fat
Itasca, Illinois, United States


April 2-4, 2019
6th International Conference on Food Digestion
Granada, Spain

April 3-4, 2019
Dairy Innovation Summit 2019
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

April 9-11, 2019
Foodomics 2019
Auckland, New Zealand

April 15-17, 2019
3rd International conference on Food and Nutritional Sciences
Paris, France

April 22-24, 2019
3rd EuroSciCon on Food Technology
Athens, Greece


May 5-7, 2019
American Dairy Products Institute/American Butter Institute Annual Conference
Chicago, Illinois, USA

May 6-8, 2019
International Conference on Food Science and Technology
Tokyo, Japan

May 8-10, 2019
American Dairy Products Institute 360 short course
From Farm, to Factory, to Food
Chicago, Illinois, Unites States

May 9-10 , 2019
FFC's 26th International Conference and Expo - 14th International Symposium of ASFFBC
Functional Foods, Bioactive Compounds and Nutraceuticals in Health and Disease
San Diego, California, United States

May 14-15, 2019
Aligning the Food System for Improved Nutrition in Animal Source Foods
Davis, California, United States

May 20-21, 2019
7th International Conference on Food Chemistry and Technology
Miami. Florida, USA

May 23-24, 2019
10th International Conference on Food Safety and Regulatory Measures
Zürich, Switzerland

May 28–31, 2019
36th ADSA Discover Conference on Food Animal Agriculture
Lipids in Dairy Nutrition: From Feed to Milk Fat
Itasca, Illinois, United States


June 2-5, 2019
IFT Annual Meeting
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

June 3-7, 2019
Approved Persons Course for Thermal Processing of Low-Acid Foods
Werribee, Victoria, Australia

June 10-11, 2019
World Congress on Recent Advances in Aquaculture Research & Fisheries
Dublin, Ireland

June 10-12, 2019
3rd Global Summit on Nutritional Science & Food Chemistry
Osaka, Japan

June 17-18, 2019
22nd World Congress on Nutrition and Food Sciences
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

June 17-20, 2019
8th International Symposium on Food Rheology and Structure - ISFRS 2019
Zürich, Switzerland

June 21-25, 2019
ICAR and IDF/ISO Analytical Week
Prague, Czech Republic

June 23-26, 2019
American Dairy Science Association Annual Meeting
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


July 2-4, 2019
NZIFST Annual Conference
Christchurch, New Zealand

July 8-9, 2019
15th International Congress on Advances in Natural Medicines, Nutraceuticals & Neurocognition
Berlin, Germany

July 15-16, 2019
The Nutrition Conference
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

July 21-14, 2019
IAFP 2019
International Association for Food Protection
Louisville, Kentucky, USA

July 21-26, 2019
The Origins and Benefits of Biologically Active Components in Human Milk Conference
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

July 28 - August 1, 2019
13th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

July 30-31, 2019
Food Integrity Conference 2019
Auckland, New Zealand

August 5-7, 2019
Open Ocean Aquaculture symposium
Nelson, New Zealand

August 12-13, 2019

2nd International Summit on Fisheries and Aquaculture
Prague, Czech Republic

August 12-13, 2019
2nd International Conference and Expo on Agriculture & Horticulture (ICEAH-2019)
Prague, Czech Republic

August 14-16, 2019
15th African Dairy Conference and Exhibition
Nairobi, Kenya

August 26-27, 2019
International Conference on Food Science and Nutrition
Bangkok, Thailand

August 27-28, 2019
Dairy Industry Workshop - Future Sustainability in a Rapidly Changing World
Palmerston North, New Zealand

August 27-29, 2019
Australasian Grain Science Association (AGSA) Conference
Grains: A Global Food Source
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


September 1-4, 2019
SAAFoST: Food Science and Technology for the 21st Century
Johannesburg, South Africa

September 3-4, 2019
Smarter Data 2019
Food Composition Information in this Digital Age
Auckland, New Zealand

September 5-6, 2019
EU Dairy Outlook Conference and Educational Forum
Dublin, Ireland

September 12-14, 2019

2nd Conference on Innovations in Food Science and Human Nutrition (IFHN-2019)
London, United Kingdom

September 16-17, 2019
4th European conference on Agriculture & Horticulture
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

September 17-19, 2019
2nd Food Chemistry Conference: Shaping the Future of Food Quality, Safety, Nutrition and Health
Seville, Spain

September 17-19, 2019
CITA, VI International Congress of Food Science and Technology
San José, Costa Rica

September 19-21, 2019
4th World Congress & Expo on Public Health, Epidemiology and Nutrition
Miami, Florida, United States

September 19-21, 2019
2nd Edition of Euro-Global Conference on Food Science, Agronomy and Technology (FAT 2019)
London, United Kingdom

September 20-21, 2019
27th International Conference of FFC - 15th International Symposium of ASFFBC
Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds: Health Promotion and Disease Management
Boston, Massachusetts, United States

September 20-22, 2019
8th Annual World Congress of Food and Nutrition-2019 (WCFN-2019)
Qingdao, China

September 23-26, 2019
13th International Congress on Engineering and Food (ICEF13)
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

September 23-27, 2019

IDF World Dairy Summit
Istanbul, Turkey

September 30 - October 3, 2019
5th International Conference on Food Structures, Digestion and Health
Rotorua, New Zealand


October 7-8, 2019
23rd International Conference on Food Technology & Processing
Dublin, Ireland

October 8-11, 2019

11th NIZO Dairy Conference: Milk Protein Functionality
Papendal, The Netherlands

October 15-16, 2019
Dairy 2.0: IFCN Regional Workshop 2019
Bangalore, India

October 15-18, 2019

FIFSTA: 16th ASEAN Food Conference
Bali, Indonesia

October 15-19, 2019
Food Ingredients North America
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

October 23-25, 2019
International Conference on Food Science and Nutrition
Exploring the Recent Advances in Food Science and Nutrition

Rome, Italy

October 24-25, 2019

Ninth International Conference on Food Studies
Culinary Science: A New Foodway?
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

October 24-25, 2019
Food Tech-2019
Bangkok, Thailand

October 28-29, 2019
2nd International Congress on Food Supplements Safety and Compliance (FSSC-2019)
Brussels, Belgium

October 28–31, 2019
37th ADSA Discover Conference on Food Animal Agriculture: Natural Bioactives in Dairy Production: Science, Functions, and the Future
Itasca, Illinois, United States


November 4-8, 2019
14th International Conference on Lactoferrin Structure, Function and Applications
Lima, Peru

November 5-7, 2019

Global Cheese Technology Forum
Reno, Nevada, USA

November 7-8, 2019
Global Summit on Healthcare and Nutrition
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

November 11-12, 2019

International Nutritional Science and Food Chemistry Conference
Venice, Italy

November 12-13, 2018
28th World Nutrition Congress
Sydney, NSW, Australia

November 12-14, 2019
33rd EFFoST International Conference: Sustainable Food Systems - Performing by Connecting
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

November 12-14, 2019
16th International Symposium on Milk Genomics and Human Health
, Denmark

November 13-14, 2019
5th European Microbiome Congress
London, United Kingdom

November 14, 2019
2019 European Dairy Quality Conference (2nd edition)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

November 20-22, 2019

XVII Congreso CyTAL / XXI Congreso ALACCTA
Buenos Aires, Argentina

November 25-28, 2019
NZ Microbiology Society (NZMS) Annual Conference
Palmerston North, New Zealand

November 27-29, 2019
NZ Society of Gastroenterology Annual Scientific Meeting
Wellington, New Zealand

November 28-29, 2019
2019 Annual Meeting of the Nutrition Society of New Zealand (NSNZ)
Napier, New Zealand

November 28-29, 2019

3rd International Food Science & Bioprocess Technology Conference
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


December 2-5, 2019
Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA) 43rd Annual Scientific Meeting
Newcastle, NSW, Australia

December 3-5, 2019

Food Ingredients Europe
Paris, France

December 8-11, 2019
3rd International Conference on Agricultural and Food Science
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

December 10, 2019
New Zealand Food Safety Summit
Auckland, New Zealand

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